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Whipples Surgery 

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  • Whipples Surgery Treatment in India

  • The Whipple Surgical Procedure offers hope to many people suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. Pancreatic cancers give no specific or pronounced symptoms that can be easily detected and hence are very difficult to detect. So by the time this cancer is detected, most patients are at an advanced stage of this fatal health condition. Due to this it has been seen that only 5% of patients with this ailment manage to survive for a few years post diagnosis.

  • However, a successful Whipple surgery can extend this survival timeline and rate and serve as a potential cure for Pancreatic Cancer.

  • Laproscopic Surgery is another very popular method of carrying out this treatment. This procedure is also called as Minimal Invasive Surgery. This surgery involves very small incisions that prevent blood loss and reduce post operation pain. This advanced surgery technique has been adopted by surgeons in all types of operations and is a very common procedure for Pancreatic cancer cases.

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