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Liver Cancer

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  • About Liver Cancer Treatment
  • The liver is an essential organ of the body that performs multiple functions, including the production of bile and storing of nutrients. Liver cancer is when cancer cells form in the liver, this can be either primary liver cancer, where the cancer cells develop directly in the liver, or secondary when cancer spreads to the liver from another organ. Liver cancer treatment depends upon the stage of the disease and has high success rates in the initial stages.

  • Types of Liver Cancer

  • Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) or hepatoma: Nearly 75 percent of all liver cancer cases are HCC. The HCC cancer starts in the liver cells and can spread to other parts of the body.

  • Cholangiocarcinoma: Cancer cells develop in the bile ducts of the liver. This cancer accounts for 10-20 percent of all liver cancer cases.

  • Angiosarcoma: A relatively rare form of liver cancer, Angiosarcoma is where cancer cells grow in the blood vessels of the liver.

  • Hepatoblastoma: Another form of liver cancer that generally targets children where there is a presence of fetal liver cells along with an abdominal mass in the liver.

  • Liver Cancer Treatment

  • There are several options for liver cancer treatment, and the mode of treatment will depend on the specific type of cancer, the stage, other pre-existing health problems, age, and personal preference.

  • Surgery

  • Tumor Removal: Surgery directly removes the small tumor and a small portion of the liver surrounding cancer if the liver function is reasonable.

  • Liver Transplant Surgery: The diseased liver is removed entirely and replaced with a donated healthy liver. Doctors advise a liver transplant when cancer has not spread outside of the liver.

  • Localized Treatments

  • Localized treatments refer to those treatment methods that are done directly on the cancerous cells or the areas surrounding them, with the guidance of imaging tools such as ultrasound.

  • Radiofrequency Ablation: Doctors use electric currents to heat and destroy cancer cells. The doctor inserts thin needles through the abdomen to reach the tumor in the liver. Next, the doctor heats the needles with electric currents which in return, kills the cancer cells.

  • Cryoablation: Doctors use extreme cold to freeze and destroy cancer cells. The doctor uses a cryoprobe containing liquid nitrogen, placing it directly into the tumors, freezing and eliminating the cancer cells.

  • Alcohol injection: Pure alcohol is directly injected into the tumors, killing the cancer cells.

  • Radiation

  • Doctors use high powered radiation from x-rays or proton beams to target the cancer cells and tumors in the liver, carefully protecting the surrounding healthy cells. Radiation is typically used when other treatments are not working. Beads containing radiation can also be placed in the liver on the tumor so that radiation is delivered directly to the cancerous cells.

  • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy uses potent drugs to kill cells that rapidly multiply, such as cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be given through IV or even locally through the process of chemoembolization, where potent anti-cancer chemotherapy drugs are inserted directly into the tumor, destroying the cancer cells.

  • Other Treatment

Apart from existing treatments, new forms of treatment, such as immunotherapy and targeted drug therapy, are also becoming popular. These forms of treatment are customized based on the specific case of the patient.

  • Costs

Liver Cancer Treatment in India

  • The overall costs for liver cancer treatment in India are approximately USD 6,000.

  • The success rate of liver cancer treatment is as high as 85 percent.

  • Some of the top doctors treating liver cancer in India are Dr Mohamed Rela , Dr Sameer Kaul , Dr Vivek Vij, Dr Subhash Gupta and Dr Abhideep Chaudhary. The leading hospitals for liver cancer treatment are Dr Rela Institute and Medical Center, Apollo Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Max Healthcare Saket and BLK Hospital.

  • Depending on the stage of cancer and the treatment required, the hospital stay is between 6 days to 22 days.

  • Factors  affecting

Factors affecting the cost of treatment in different states in India

Liver cancer treatment in Hyderabad: One of the up and coming centers for liver cancer treatment in the country, Hyderabad, has several top hospitals and excellent doctors.

Liver cancer treatment in Kolkata: Kolkata has qualified doctors experienced in liver cancer treatment and facilities available in multiple price ranges.

Liver cancer treatment in Bangalore: Reasonable costing medical treatment while retaining professional quality, liver cancer treatment options in Bangalore are numerous.

Liver cancer treatment in Mumbai: World-class hospitals with famous doctors, the cost of liver cancer treatment might be higher in Mumbai, but patients are guaranteed the best service.

Liver cancer treatment in Delhi: Home of numerous renowned hospitals with expert doctors, Delhi has liver cancer treatment available to suit your budget.

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