Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests or Lab tests are done to identify, confirm & rule out any possible disease or disorder present in human body. They are also done to screen medical conditions in individuals who have higher risk of falling ill. The effectiveness of an ongoing treatment could also be checked through such tests. Diagnostic tests also play a role in observing disease conditions. Diagnostic tests do not just include blood tests but also imagining tests like X-ray, MRI, CT scan and Ultrasonography as well.  Medeza has made it possible to get diagnostic tests & full-body checkups at super-specialty hospitals, at discounted & best price. Patients can avail them from home with a click

Full body Check-up:

Full body checkup is more than a test because it provides insights about test results including lifestyle changes. They are advised to different age groups according to the disease profile they are susceptible to.

Different categories of diagnostic tests are available at hospitals, imaging & path labs. Some of the common diagnostic tests include:

  • Blood tests
  • Biopsy
  • Digestive system tests like – Endoscopy & colonoscopy.
  • Nuclear Medicine tests like PET scan.
  • Cardiac tests like an Electrocardiogram & stress tests.
  • Urinary System tests like Cystoscopy.
  • Vision tests.
  • X- Ray & imaging tests like CT scan, MRI, and Ultrasound scan.
  • Gynecology tests like hysterectomy.