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You can log in to www.medeza.in and register there as a new user and it will lead you to the option of booking an appointment. However, you can go the play store /app store on your mobile/tablet and download our app and
booking an appointment anywhere anytime would be on your fingertips.

Yes, but we would suggest you to download the app for better convenience
and ease of the process.

Yes, the app is free for everyone to download in Play store/ App store/ windows store.

Off course! Just visit your profile, click on appointments, hit ‘cancel’ or
‘reschedule’ and follow the instructions. Just be aware that there may be a
deadline after which you cannot cancel your appointment online anymore
(indicated in the email you received to confirm your appointment). In this
case, you might need to call our customer care.

Sure, that’s no problem at all! Actually, it is something that many users do (e.g. parents for their children). When following the booking process, you will be asked to choose whether it is you or someone else who will see the practitioner. Just enter the other patient’s details and continue with the booking process. The booking will then be in the other person’s name.

You may share your reports/medical records by following the steps mentioned here or by emailing the same to info@medeza.in.

Medeza respects every individual’s privacy and we do not discuss or disclose anyone’s ailments with third parties or with those not involved in your case.

Yes, an interpreter/ translator can be added to the call on prior request.

You can reset it anytime with the help your registered Mobile number/Email

You can make the payment through multiple easy online options such as your credit/debit card & net banking.

It would be reversed to your Medeza account / source account as per your preference.

At MEDEZA, we always have your data’s safety in mind and work hard to ensure it at all times. In order to continually earn your trust, we transfer your data in HTTPS, encrypt your data on our servers, are regularly being audited and make sure our features help you to be safe. For instance, we help you choose a safe password so your account stays protected from hackers.

Your Data/medical records are always preserved with MEDEZA electronic medical record system. We will email the soft copies to you as and when you request them or you may also download a copy logging in through your registered account.

Medical Tourism is the globalization phenomenon where people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical, dental, and/or surgical care.
Medical travelers often engage in medical tourism to save money, but this does not mean they are sacrificing quality for savings. Medical tourists typically receive equal or greater care than they would have in their own country, and are traveling for medical care because of affordability, or better access to a higher or more specialized quality of care. “Domestic Medical Tourism” is a subsection of medical tourism where patients do not leave their country, but travel to another city, region, or state to receive 
medical care.

You should select India for your medical treatments as the advantages for medical treatments in India include reduced costs, availability of latest medical technologies, and a growing compliance with international quality standards, as well as the fact that foreigners are less likely to face a language barrier in India. The Indian government is taking strong positive steps to address infrastructure issues that hinder the country’s growth in medical tourism.

Yes, Foreigner registration is a mandatory requirement by the Government of India under which all foreign nationals (excluding overseas citizens of India) visiting India on a long term visa (more than 180 days) are required to register themselves with a Registration Officer within 14 days of arriving in India.

Always carry photocopies of your passport. In case you lose your passport, your case manager will assist you to put you through the right officials and your embassy/ consulate will complete the process of getting a new passport.

Yes, they are. You will be treated/serviced by doctors from NABH Accredited hospitals. Also, every doctor with Medeza is certified from the Medical Board.

Yes, we reserve accommodation in the best stays according to your budgets and convenience. Also, the reserved accommodation will be confirmed to you prior to your travel.

Yes, we can help you procure your prescription medicines/ drugs before you travel back.

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