Dr. Sanjeev Jadhav

About Me:

Cardiothorasic and Heart-Lung &Transplant Surgeon

Year Department Position Hospital
February 2018 - Present (2 years 5 months) Cardiology Consultant Cardiothorasic and Heart Lung Transplant Surgeon Apollo Hospitals (Mumbai)
Cardiology Lecturer B.J.Medical College & Sasoon-Kem Hospital of Gen.SURGERY(Pune)
Cardiology Lecturer CVTS-Grant Medical College & J.J.Hospital
Cardiology Lecturer CVTS-G.S.MEDICAL College & K.E.M.Hospital
Cardiology Adult Cardiac Surgery Fellowship Prince of Wales Hospital -(Sydney Australia)
Cardiology Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Fellowship Sydney Children Hospital
Cardiology Cheif Cardac Surgeon Adithya Birla Hospital

With more than a decade(15+yrs) of experience & expertise Cardiology Dr. Sanjeev has been,

1.First surgeon in the world to do heart -lung-kidney-uterus transplant.

2.First surgeon in India to do uterus transplant.

3 Done first successful heart transplant of Maharashtra. And western India.

4.First successful retrieval of heart in multi-organ donar patient in Maharashtra.

5.Done first successful retrieval of heart in Mumbai.

6.First successful heart and lung retrieval for transplant in western India.

7.First successful heart and lung transplant of western India.

8.Did 3 heart transplants in 1 month in Mumbai.

9.Did first successful intercity heart transplant of Maharashtra-Pune to Mumbai.

10.First successful interstate heart transplant of western India from Gujarat to Maharashtra